How to Plan a Walking Holiday


Walking is one of the best exercises that helps keep a person in shape and prevents them from developing any major problems. A brisk walk for at least 40 to 50 minutes during the day can alleviate many problems and keep your heart in good condition as well. When many people go on holiday, they forget their exercise regimens completely. They end up eating a lot of harmful foods without realising just how much damage they are inflicting on their body. When you come back from a holiday and check your weight, you might find yourself considerably overweight.

If you really want to have fun on holiday, you should consider planning a walking holiday. Walking holidays can be a lot of fun and many tourist agencies can now arrange these holidays. If you are thinking of arranging a walking holiday, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. Walking holidays are quite similar to conventional holidays, except that you will be doing a lot of walking along the way. If you are planning to go on a walking holiday, here are a few tips for planning one.

Selecting the Destination

First and foremost, you will need to decide the destination. Where are you going to go? One of the best places to visit is Scotland. The best walking holidays in Scotland include gorgeous views of the countryside and walkways that cut through the heart of the biggest cities. You will get to explore the old architecture of Scotland and visit many historic sites along the way as well. When it comes to selecting an appropriate destination, there are a plethora of different factors that you need to consider. When you first consult with a travel agency about planning a walking holiday, you should ask them about any packages that they offer. Most walking holiday packages are divided into three categories: beginners, intermediates, and advanced. If you like walking over varied terrain and for long distances, the advanced packages will be a good option.

You can discuss the places that you will visit with the travel agent so that they can book your hotels accordingly. It’s important that you make bookings well in advance to ensure that all arrangements are made beforehand.


A common mistake that many people make is that they tend to pack a lot of things to take along with them on walking holidays. You need to understand that you will be on the move for quite a while, so it’s necessary that you pack as light as possible. Always take a care of your best walking shoes, but do carry a replacement as well. In case your shoe tears up due to the excessive walking, you should have a decent pair available on hand. Make sure you also take a backpack along with you that includes all your essential equipment. Take clothing appropriate to the weather in the cities that you will be visiting so that you don’t feel underdressed or overdressed.

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